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3 Tips for Starting Your Writing Project

People often tell me that they want to write a book. Then they ask, where do I begin?

A writing project can seem daunting. Especially a novel of 60,000 words or more. Below are three tips for starting your writing project:

1) Write down your goals. People have different goals. They may be to write a book or to write a short story or to publish a book or even to start a writing career. Knowing your goals will help you on your writing journey. Goals keep you focused and aware of what you really want from your project.

2) Be sure you have S.M.A.R.T. goals. SMART goals are goals that are: Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Time-bound. For example if you want to write a cozy mystery just for fun, you would then have goals such as: I want to write a cozy mystery. It will have 60-70,000 words. I can attain this by writing at least 500 words per day for 140 days. I'm doing this part time so my goal is to write from 8 to 9 pm every day until I have my 500 words complete.

3) Reward yourself for staying on goal. Remember you want to accomplish this project. You want to make it fun to do. Tell yourself you can have a cup of your favorite tea when you finish. Or go for a walk or watch a certain program. Small rewards keep you motivated and on top of your goals.

Making goals and accomplishing goals are a reward all in themselves. If you think you need a coach to help you figure out your goals and stay motivated, contact me at Let's talk about your wishes and how I can help.

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