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Top Five Books to Help You With Your Story Structure

As a multi-published author and book coach, I think story structure is the first thing a writer should learn, whether you’re penning a memoir or a business book, a mystery or a children’s book. All books have a story and that story needs structure.

I think I’d written my tenth unpublished book before I heard of the hero’s journey and that structure didn’t seem to apply to my work. I kept on writing and reading and learned about the Three Act Structure or the W story structure and tried my best to create better books. I had eight books published before I found Blake Snyder’s “Save The Cat” book for screenwriters. Suddenly the beats of a story made sense to me and I was able to improve my writing and my career took off.

To help you out I’ve listed below my Top Five Books on Story Structure. I recommend you purchase at least three different books, learn the structure and figure out what works best for your writing style. Why purchase the books? Because over the course of my twenty year career, I’ve gone back to my dog-eared copies and reread them whenever I feel my structure slipping or I hit a sagging middle. Trust me, you’re going to want a copy on hand.

You can find all of these for sale on Amazon, BN or ask your local independent bookstore to order them for you. Happy Reading!

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